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I should write something…

but I've just been lazy with writing and photography this summer. Maybe because it's too damn hot (over 100°F again today). Maybe it's because work and home life is particularly busy. But whatever—today would be a good day to catch up a bit.

Grace has traveled to and from Costa Rica on an EF tours trip with her school. It was her graduation present, and she had a fabulous time. Volcanos, beaches, rain forests, monkeys—what's not to like? She loved the coffee, and had a great time with her friends. She's looking forward to turning 18 in a bit, so she can do that drivers license thing (yes, I know officially you can get them at 15). She's also been doing some dog showing (as usual) and has been doing some good winning. She'll be back at Westminster in 2013 (her last show as a junior). She's got a couple juniors competitions coming up this weekend (and maybe next), but then she'll be aged out (except for Eukenuba and the aforementioned Westminster).

Max has been enjoying his summer as an intern with the Pleasant Prairie Police Department. I haven't seen him for a few weeks, but it sounds like things are going pretty good for him.

Noah has been chillin' this summer: playing tennis and Xbox, swimming, and hanging with friends. It's a good life!

Jen has been dealing with her dad being quite ill this summer. He came up to visit over a month ago, but it was clear that he wasn't feeling very well. He got into St. Luke's in Milwaukee and has been battling a number of issues since. Jen's been visiting nearly daily, and we're praying that he takes a turn for the better. It's certainly not what he had in mind for a Wisconsin summer vacation.

On a lighter note, we saw a very raunchy movie about a stuffed bear (Ted). It was hysterical—especially if you're into the Family Guy-style humor. Highly recommended!

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