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How do January puppies sound???

Cammy is just coming into heat. She's going to be bred to a very nice English dog, via FedEx. Here she is attempting to look beautiful.


And here she is playing with Jen.



Russ Arnett's Diaconal Ordination

Russ Arnett, our pastoral director (St. Francis Xavier/St. John the Baptist parishes) was ordained at St. Francis Xavier on Wednesday night. It was quite an event—it's rare that an ordination is done outside of the cathedral. It was a privilege to be involved, and I got to shoot photos and sing. The choir sounded amazing: we had 25+ singing, and it really filled the church!! It was a very moving service, and I can't wait for his ordination to the priesthood in March of 2011.

Link to the album is here.



The Three Amigos…

Love the movie. Here are the boys posing for the camera. More at this link.



Chicago Botanic Garden

A morning trip with my Chicago friend, Chunsum. This was a warmup for his trip to China. You couldn't ask for a nicer fall day—we've had a great stretch of warm weather in this area!


October rainbows

We've had a cold front blow through. Lots of wind, some clouds, and light rain showers. Sometimes it makes for rainbows. Especially nice when you get to see a double like this.


More news from Grace. She took top junior at Freeport this weekend with Tyson (a Rhodesian Ridgeback). On top of that, she also took winners bitch and best of opposite with Zoe (another Ridgeback). She then switched to the field spaniel rings and took winner's bitch with Sprout for a major (the second that Grace has handled her to). Finally, Grace and Gibson took a big Best of Breed win in a supported entry. Not a bad day. And she's got homecoming tonight…

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