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Puppies: Day 21

It's hard not to spend a lot of time with these guys. The teeth are coming in, so you need to let them massage their gums by chewing on your ears, nose, fingers, toes, etc. They don't have the sharp teeth yet, so we've probably got another week or so before this really becomes more of a challenge. 

In looking over our previous litters photos, these puppies are just huge. They're more like 4-5 week old puppies, and our previous litters have never been known for being undersized. Looking at Carmen's last litter (where birth weights were right around 16 ozs), these puppies look to be very similar to that litter's Day 28 photos. Hopefully they'll slow down soon, because no one really needs a 130 lb. Curly!


Puppies: Day 20

The puppies have grown incredibly well in their first three weeks. The two bigger males are over 5 lbs, which is usually a weight that they hit somewhere around 4-5 weeks. These guys are just enormous. They're getting their voices too—squeaking, barking, and growling. It's a great time to start playing with them. Teeth are slowly coming in, so it won't be long before they're a bunch of curly toe-biting puppies.


Interrupting Puppy Photos for Photography

First things first: Go Pack, Go!!! (Half time and things are looking pretty good!)

My friend Chunsum and I met up in Chicago (thank God for cell phones, or he would have been getting me out of Gary...). We went to visit the Vivian Maier exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center (those unfamiliar with her story can catch up on it here or here. It was reasonably well done—I was very impressed with her eye, and there were several images that I was quite taken with. The prints were of good inkjet quality, but I felt as though some of them would have probably been better printed on a traditional (silver-halide) photographic paper. Definitely worth the trip!

Afterwards, we proceeded to wander around this beautiful building.




We then walked the streets...







Eventually we found our way back to Millennium park…




And finally over to the Museum of Contemporary Art. The staircase is beautiful. Many of the exhibits… not so much!


This was one of my favorite pieces. Another Viet Nam memorial.


Day three of puppies

Puppies are doing great—growing and doing their typical puppy stuff (squeaking, eating, sleeping). Cam is getting better with the puppies—I'm sure that the combination of this being her first litter with a C-section has hindered her natural instincts a bit, but she's doing a much better job of cleaning and stimulating the pups now. She was always doing a good job feeding, so that hasn't been an issue.

Tonight's photos:





Oh no—our black female is gone…

Someone snuck into the whelping box and replaced her with another black male!! Oh well, these things sometimes happen. So we have two black males, one liver male and one liver female.

Here's some more photos. They're officially 24 hours old in these.





Cammy's puppies are here!

Puppy watch 2011 has officially started! Cammy had her water break around 10 am this morning, and started to push before 11 am. But after a couple hours with no major progress, we decided to drag her into the vets to let them look at her (before they left for the day). She pushed and pushed, but no luck getting the puppy out. So c-section it was. The puppy gunking up the works—19 3/4 oz!! A nice black male, but that's way too big for a first time delivery. The other three round out the Mendelean averages: a black female at 17 3/4 (the runt)!, a liver female at 19 oz, and a liver male at 20 3/4 oz. Cammy is likely to never speak to us again...

Picture will be up in a little bit.




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