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Pictures & Words

Another year of Drama Troupe photos are done!

Back to back weekend shoots went pretty well, and we've got a lot of keepers. There were a bunch of kids waiting for me when I got to school (Jen had gone ahead to set up). I was a bit late from church—but it was completely worth it. Harry Beeson sang a beautiful piece for communion meditation—it was incredible. Jaw-dropping, tears-in-eyes good. What a voice! 

This little unnamed penguin-lover came by, and I was able to get a few snaps of her! Too cute!!!

Another busy weekend…

And it's not even half over yet. While we had a great time at Deanna and Randy's last weekend, I took a little abuse (completely undeserved) about our painting project. I blame Jen. I was planning on repainting our bedroom and bathroom this year, but she decided to lump in the family room, foyer, and Noah's room too. Our family room is a two story monstrosity with a 17 foot vaulted ceiling in a 16 x 26 foot space. The taping from the drywall was coming off on the ceiling, so that needed to be worked on (see last post). I finished that up this week, and took Friday evening to wipe down the ceiling and walls and get rid of the dust. So painting commenced this morning. We got two coats of paint on the ceiling, thanks to my remote controlled scaffolding. I yell 'Jen', and she pushes it to where I need to go. It worked great and it saved me from getting up and down from it at least a dozen times. I'm still exhausted, but I'm sure I wouldn't have made it half as far without her help.

We also got the end wall painted in 'Mission Tile'. It looks really sharp. We'll throw another coat up tomorrow and call it a day. Well, except for cantoring at 10:30 at St. Johns. And shooting the rest of the Brighton Drama Troupe at noon. And then cantoring for vespers at St. Francis.

I can't wait to go to work on Monday…

Proof for Randy and Deanna. I have until the end of May. Hah!

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