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On Wisconsin

Bo Ryan and the Badgers. Wow. What a terrific game against Kentucky. Or so I was told—Easter Vigil was scheduled right against the second semifinal game featuring Kentucky and Wisconsin. Come on people: who does this to a bunch of basketball starved Badger fans? Thankfully, the crew survived their game against Kentucky, and we finished the service with about 30 seconds left in the game, so that we streamed that last half minute to an anxious congregation who loves Jesus MORE than Wisconsin basketball. I tease about that last part.

So now, the team is on to play Duke for the championship. I believe that Wisconsin has already set a record in the modern-day tourney in that they’ve gone to the finals playing the top seed that they possibly could meet (in essence, their path has held true to the bracket with no upsets). I love this for Wisconsin and coach Ryan. These kids are mainly local talent, coached by a guy who has four national titles in his resume (Div III UW-Platteville) as well as two undefeated seasons. Coached in a way that’s much different then Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, and many of the top programs work. Working hard in a system for three, four, or five years. Learning how to play defense. Learning how to handle the ball regardless of size (I could have used that in high school…). Ditto on the ability to shoot threes. With players that have a great time with one another, who crush on stenographers, and who are just great athletes and better teammates. With a hall of fame coach who will get there eventually. And hey—who looks like the mascot of the team he coaches.

On Wisconsin. Regardless of the outcome tonight, you’ve made a state (and one could argue a country) very proud. Seal the deal tonight.

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