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Grace at the finals…

At the Westminster finals, Grace didn't place, but she and Mr. Darcy competed and looked really, really good! Especially impressive considering Darcy was very sick earlier in the day—so much so that Grace was looking for a different dog to show. Grace thought the two of them showed as good as they could have, so she was really happy with her performance and thrilled to have a chance to compete in the finals.

Everyone is safely home now, and a great time was had by all. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported Grace out there—she had a great experience and is looking forward to next year.

If you want to check out Grace and Mr. Darcy, go to these links: 

10:55 : Grace is showing Mr. Darcy in the first group of the preliminaries.   

2:25 and 0:50. The first section is Grace going around in the 'finals' of the prelims, at 50 seconds she gets pulled to first to win her prelim group over the rest of the kids. 

8:25: Grace in the finals. She didn't get a placement. 

Woo hoo!!! Go Grace!





Grace is competing in Junior Showmanship at the Westminster Kennel Club, held at Madison Square Garden in NYC. There were 125 Juniors who qualified from across the country (each Junior needs 10 first place finishes in a year to be invited). This group of Juniors were split up into four qualifying groups of 30+ each, and

Grace WON 

her group with Darcy (Ch Winfarthing Pride & Prejudice SH)!!! She continues to the finals, held tomorrow night, along with seven other finalists. 

Good luck Grace!!!!

So, we got some snow this week…

A solid foot's worth of the white stuff fell over Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing like the poor East Coast (I saw Philly got something over 50", and remember when I was living there that 5" pretty much shut down the city). Stuart loves the snow, and it was a nice morning to take the camera out and get a few shots.


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