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Tuesday's news...

So, before Grace got to compete in the finals for junior showmanship, she had the opportunity to show Mr. Darcy in the breed ring against five other field spaniels (I think all but one had pro handlers on them). The hope here was that Darcy might score an award of merit, which would be a nice feather in his cap. But no—that didn't happen—instead, Darcy and Grace won best of breed against the five dogs! What that meant is that after the juniors competition Grace and Darcy would go into the Sporting Group ring, nationally televised, and compete for Sporting group.

Wow! A junior making it to the group ring. By my count tonight, she was the only one to do so.

In junior showmanship, Grace went in with seven other juniors. She didn't win, but came away with a 3rd place—worth a $4000 scholarship!!! How thrilling for her, and how incredibly proud we are of the two of them!!! Then she immediately moved to the sporting group ring, and I got to watch her compete on the USA network. She did a great job with Darcy (they both must have been beat by then), he moved wonderfully for her, and she nailed the free stack. It's not a surprise that she didn't get pulled (although Jen and I both swore the judge pointed at her before pulling the dog next to her), but she did terrific and what a great experience for a seventeen year old! Madison Square Garden packed full of people watching you show your dog!!

At this point, I've got to thank all Grace's support staff there—Diane, Linda & Laura, Linda, and everyone else who was helping out (I'll get names up eventually). We can't thank you enough—and your love and support of Grace is so dearly appreciated!!

And congratulations to my daughter. What a rock star!!

And Grace went…

…and did it AGAIN!!! Today in her semifinals group, Grace was showing Mr. Darcy (the field spaniel), and made it from the group of 27 kids, to the cut of 14, to the cut of 6, to the final two!

Unbelievable–she's 2 for 2 making the finals at Westminster.

Video and results will be up later. Finals are tomorrow evening before groups!

Congratulations to Grace, and a big thanks to her support team in NYC!!!

Let's go Grace!!

Just a proud father bragging about his daughter. Grace left for NYC and Westminster yesterday; she and Diane got in yesterday (with Tyson). We took Darcy to Linda and Laura, and they're driving out as I type. Grace has been to the top of the Empire State Building (last night) and shot some wonderful photos. They visited the 911 memorial today and I've seen more great photos. If you're a facebook friend, I'm sure you can see them on her wall. As an aside, I'm very impressed with the caliber of photography coming out of her, as seen here. Although I help by throwing her my camera or answering a question or two, she does this stuff all on her own.

Tomorrow is the start of the Westminster Kennel Club show, and Grace will be competing in Juniors as well as the Field Spaniel breed ring. She had a nice feature photo in the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal (page B8) with Darcy. Good luck Grace—and Diane too!!

A beautiful April day, in February

Jen and I were enjoying an unseasonably agreeable morning in Wisconsin. Sun is out, very little wind, and the temperatures are in the 40's. Seeing that a year ago we had that huge winter storm that dumped nearly two feet of snow on us, I'm much happier with this weather.

We took the puppies out, including the new field spaniel, Xander.

So how do you get a picture of a cat with sky behind him like this?


That's how.


Mimi's looking mighty pretty.


And here's the new spaniel. He's very spanielly!


Naughty puppy with stick


Naughty puppy with Mimi


And the puppies with Jen


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