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The wait is over…

On Sunday, Grace finally got her 10th Junior win. She's qualified for the Westminster show! She did this with Beeper, her Field Spaniel. Beeper's a sweetheart---in the couple months we've had him, I've become a huge field spaniel fan! Sweet and funny, and a nice size for a dog (40 lbs or so). Only bad trait is that their ears hang low and get soaking wet when they drink...

Off to NYC in February!

At the dog show...

Grace had a dog show today at the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot. KKC was putting this one on. This is the first show I've been to this summer—last year I was Grace's good luck charm—she won every time I showed up at one of her Junior shows. She currently has 9 wins this year, and she needs one more win by the end of October to qualify for the Westminster dog show in NYC (February).


Follow this link to see the photos from the day. Grace got a 2nd place to Matt today—Matt showed very well. Of course, I'm completely disgraced as a good luck charm! The weather was beautiful, if a bit cool. It's hard to believe that it's Labor Day weekend, it's been feeling more like the end of October through August. 

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