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Grace in Alaska

Grace got to fly to Anchorage this weekend, as a guest of Connie and Steve Wight. What a cool opportunity for Grace! She took Mr. Darcy to show in juniors and in the breed ring, and she also got the chance to show one of Connie and Steve's Ridgebacks. On Saturday, she did nothing in the juniors ring, but being the only Field Spaniel there got her into the sporting group easily enough. What was unexpected is that she won the sporting group with Darcy! They went into best in show, but didn't get the win. This is Grace's second Group I finish, so big congratulations to her!!

On Sunday, she won her class in juniors, but lost out in the best junior competition. And in sporting group, she took a second place finish with Darcy—so a group I and group II in one weekend! Amazing!! She's probably not going to want to come back home!

Grace is out sightseeing today, and then taking the red-eye back and will arrive in town tomorrow morning. Big thanks to Connie and Steve for making this possible!

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