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When is a vacation Monday not a vacation?

When you've got a bunch of landscaping work to do. This is day three of building a path from the front porch to the driveway. Excavation took the better part of the first two days. I got landscaping fabric down yesterday afternoon and then got some gravel on top of it to hold it down. These shots are from this morning. The blocks went down reasonably well (Max showed up to help), and I got them all laid by 2 pm or so. We've got another load of gravel coming for the fill.

And some swallowtail butterfly shots. I saw a new species of swallowtail today; it was yellow on the 'outside' like this guy, but it had broad brown stripes horizontally across the inside. I've never seen one like it before. I couldn't find it on Wikipedia in my five minute search...

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