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Sigma Shooters Meet

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to go into Chicago and meet up with some friends for dinner, conversation, and a little bit of photography. This dinner was in honor of our good friend Rudy Guttosch, a nember of Foveon (Sigma's R&D division). Rudy was out visiting family this week from California and managed to shake free for a few hours to have dinner. Chunsum was the gracious Chicago-land host, and Scott Greiff and his wife Rita joined us from Columbus (they came in to see Lollapalooza).

We had a delightful dinner at the Gage on Michigan Avenue. Scott had an SD1 to play with and Rudy brought another. I took a few shots inside the restaurant to play with the handling. My initial impressions were that the body feels really nice and the autofocus system seemed to be a step up from the SD15. It's so far out of my price range that I really didn't worry too much about it. It was much more fun to give Rudy a hard time about price and continue to bug him about all the X3 'liabilities'.

After dinner we strolled along Michigan Ave and then wandered into Millennium Park. These are some of the photos from this evening. It was really great to get the gang together, even if it was only for a few hours! These are all out of the SD15 and either the 85 mm f/1.4 or the 10-20 mm f/4-5.6.

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