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The American Southwest: Post 9—Sunrise at White Pocket

After an incredible nights sleep (except for the coyote nibbling on my ear), we dragged ourselves out of the sleeping bags and got ourselves ready for another 'sunrise' shoot. Where would the light be good? What would be the right spots to catch the 'glow' of sandstone in the morning? What the heck was I going if I ran out of batteries in the middle of nowhere?

I honestly didn't look at these photos until after I got back, because I didn't think I had any real keepers. We decided that White Pocket isn't really a great morning location. So with that said, here are a bunch of really nice shots that surprised me...







Rick doing some rock swirl photography.



Kendall happily perched on red rock

One flower shot, just because I can't help myself.0519_WP12

So, this becomes the morning of our best, most action-packed day of shooting. As I said, it turned out better than I thought. Hope you all enjoyed the view at a different time of day...

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