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Photowalk at AbbVie

On this nice, quiet 3rd of July—Jonny Volk and I decided to drag our cameras into work and take a walk around one of the ponds after lunch. It's always fun to see how other photographers work, and it's nice to not have to get on a plane and fly to an exotic location to do that (no, wait... that would be OK...).

Anyhow, Jonny and I had a nice time shooting in decent light. Sky was really flat, so no interesting clouds were to be had.

Here's Jonny's selections from today:

Photowalk with Jim-0472

Photowalk with Jim-0505

Photowalk with Jim-0521

Photowalk with Jim-0550-2

Photowalk with Jim-0530

Photowalk with Jim-0550

Photowalk with Jim-5445

Photowalk with Jim-5450

And here are my selections:




My favorite out of this set is Jonny's phlox (the pink flowers)—i love the composition. I also like the photo of Jonny at the end. That worked out well for a quick grab.

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