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I'm so pleased to introduce Randy and Deanna Tritz!

Deanna and Randy are two of our favorite people in the whole world—Deanna was our music and liturgical ministry director at St. Francis Xavier and St. John the Baptist, and we met Randy through her and he's gone on to help Jen with all the lighting and sound for the Brighton School play. They've been good friends for a number of years now, and we always have a great time getting together.

But this is about them getting together—what a beautiful wedding they had yesterday evening. The church and reception hall was packed with family, friends, joy, and love! It's so cool to have been a part of this ceremony, and we wish the couple many years of love, happiness, and good times together!

Apologies for any blurriness in the photos: long lens, slow shutter do that kind of stuff. Especially when the couple is moving! And I thank them for not hiring me to shoot this event (the hired guns seemed to do a very impressive job).

It's not possible to fall asleep during one of Howard's sermons...

Getting ready for the big moment!

Exchanging the vows

The blessing of the rings…

Exchanging the rings…

I would love to know what Randy just said!

Introducing the happy couple!

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