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Cat Photos

The internet is awash with cat photos. My guess is that this happens because cats are plentiful, and they seem to be good motionless subjects for photographers to work on. Around our house, they’re plentiful as well. We have Boo—the cow-cat, Arwen—the quintessential Siamese, Michael-Michelle—the cat with the most beautiful green eyes we’ve ever seen, and Jamie—the Egyptian Sphinx with very little hair. My issue is that none of them are ever motionless long enough for me to get a decent shot! 

Jamie was sunning himself in the window this weekend, so I took advantage of a rare opportunity to snap off some shots. I’ve been happy with how accurately the DP3 Merrill focuses in these situations. It’s not the fastest camera out there, but it does really seem to nail the focus. And the last image of this series is a 100% crop—the detail this camera cranks out is incredible.

Finally, please feel sorry for our poor cat. He wishes he had hair!


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