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And a Happy 2014!

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to write a blog post every day for the entire year. It’s good that I missed the first two days, so I can go back to sitting under a blanket drinking hot buttered rums…

It’s been a really cold winter so far this season. We had snow drop on us in November before I had gotten all the leaves off the grass (see you in the spring, guys!)—and it really hasn’t let up. We’ve had winters in the past few years that were mild by Wisconsin standards. This year, not so much. We’ve had several nights in November and December where the temperature has dropped below 0°F, and this week has been both cold and snowy. We picked up about a foot of snow over the last few days—incredibly dry, light, fluffy snow—and the place looks like a winter wonderland (or Fargo, for the less romantic). This morning I confirmed a scientific observation; cold air sinks. Leaving the garage this morning, my car said -1°F. It was a beautifully clear night and a very still morning as I started to take Noah to school. By the time I was on top of the driveway, the car said -11°F. A quarter mile west at the lowest point of the commute (the little valley with the creek), the temperature was -17°F. As we drove to Central, the temperature actually went up (to -7°F)—I think this was due to the fact that there’s more activity and air mixing going on, as well as it being on a hill. The drive back home confirmed the -17°F at the creek, and it was a balmy -15°F at our house.

I’m so looking forward to next week, where an even colder air mass is supposed to move in. With wind! At least I won’t be staring at the temperature gauge; it’ll be -20 everywhere. For those of you reading this from warm climates, I’m jealous!

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