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About my photography

First off, I’m so happy that it's not my day job! I grew up in Rochester, New York—the land of Kodak. My father is a photographic chemist (retired now) and he got me started with the picture-taking bug. I've been playing with many methods and types of photography since. Because I normally shoot for my own enjoyment, I don't have to be particularly focused: landscape, portraits, macros, animals; I'll shoot them all. I love to photograph families, kids, and young adults. With all the animals around the house, I also have ample opportunities to shoot dogs, cats, and horses. I used to volunteer my skills shooting cast photography at the local school—my wife is no longer directing the play and I really missed not doing that this year. Every now and then I'll shoot a few senior portraits in the summer. You’re always welcome to ask me to shoot an event for you—I’m happy to say no if I don’t think I’m the right person (weddings terrify me, so don’t even bother…). If we do decide to do a project together, you can be assured that this is something that I take very seriously, and I’ll do my best to deliver to your satisfaction.

On this site is a mix of photography that I've done for hire, as well as a number of personal galleries. Look around and see if something catches your fancy. If you’re interested in buying a print, contact me—we’ll see if we can work something out. My photographs are prominently displayed at AbbVie (mainly in the halls of AP52N, as well as select other locations throughout the building). A friend of mine also has a gallery of prints on St. George Island, Florida.


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