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JimPics-SDIM0614_resizeIf you're interested in hiring me as your photographer, we'll sit down and discuss the work together. If I'm not confident that I can deliver you photographs that you will love, I won't take the job. It's important that you're comfortable with me and the way that I work. I'll take the time to listen to you and answer any questions—and all the work is guaranteed. I look at this effort as a partnership, and I want you to be happy. 

For the last several years my limited commercial work has centered around protraiture of young children, high school seniors, and pet/animal photography. I occasionally find time to get out and shoot Wisconsin landscapes, and every so often make a trip to another part of the country to shoot landscape. My day job is working in pharmaceutical R&D at AbbVie—solving problems by writing great software in a fast and interactive way. These days I’m finding that the day job is keeping me so busy that I barely have time to get out and make photographs anymore. Well, retirement is just around the corner (in a geologic timescale…).

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